Tax Problems - Discovery Call

1 on 1 call to discuss your tax problem with our tax team.

About this call:

Cost: $100

Duration: 30 minute phone call

- If you have an outstanding tax bill, IRS letter or need audit representation. We can assist.

No tax documents or tax returns will be reviewed on this call.

- This call is non-refundable. If you decide to work with us, your discovery call fee will be credited towards your invoice.

- If you need to reschedule, please do so atleast 12 hours before your call.

What we can assist with:

- IRS Offer In Compromises (for clients with atleast $20,000 in IRS debt)

- IRS Tax Letter Responses

- Audit Representation

- State tax issues

- Preparing and filing back taxes

- Penalty abatement 15% of abated penalty, minimum $215.

- IRS Transcript Monitoring - $249/year

- IRS Payment Installment Agreements

- Non-Profit Set Up - $2,500

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